Life Coach – Tips on How to Set Realistic Goals


Goal setting is vital in life coaching. Both the client and the life coach will be able to develop these goals. But, how do you know whether you will be able to achieve them? Keeping them realistic is the best answer.

Self assessment. To start, you should be able to know yourself inside out. Knowing your strengths will be important. They will determine what you can do and up to what lengths you can be expected to reach. Your strengths will also allow you to set the magnitude of the goals that you want to reach.

On the other hand, you also have to determine what your weaknesses are. These would not necessarily serve as drawbacks. But, knowing them will allow you to avoid making objectives that you don’t have the capacity of fulfilling.

Know your environment. There are other aspects around you that affect the type of goal that you are going to make. There might be a right time or a very wrong time. There are also people who are there to help you while there may also be those who will only distract you. You should be able to know which factors will open opportunities for you. Of course, you also have to be aware of the things that can sidetrack your plans of succeeding.

Write it down. Taking note of what you are planning to achieve is necessary. Making life goals should be listed down to smallest detail so that you will be assured that you will not forget anything that will be instrumental to their achievement.

Determine what qualifications you have. Depending on the situation you are in, there may be a need to determine if you are qualified. The level of education or training might be required before you can reach this certain level in your endeavor. So, if you do not have the right qualifications, it might be the best time to review your objectives and revise them.

They should be applicable to the situation. Focus on your problem. And while thinking of the thing that you need to solve, you may come up with goals that are directly related to the solution of that problem. You will only be able to reach those goals if you are working on the right path and taking the right actions.

Having ways and means. Only create goals that you know you have the capacity of completing. You may need to use some amount of money for the task that you need to accomplish. If you don’t have enough money, then the goal that you have set is unattainable. Therefore, you are stuck there with the lack of finances and you might never succeed.

Goals should inspire and motivate. Your goals have to be important to you. You need to wake up in the morning wanting to work for your success. The goals can be considered realistic if they make you feel like you can make them happen. Making sure that the tips above are followed will help make you feel this.

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