Conversational Hypnosis – How to Use Pattern Interrupts in Daily Language


The use of pattern interrupts is one of the most popular approaches in conversational hypnosis. They are relatively easy to use and they are particularly effective for getting any person into a state of trance.

What are pattern interrupts? The reality is that anything can be such an interrupt. Provided that you understand how these work, you will be able to choose the right tools for every conversational hypnosis inductions.

As their name suggests, these tools are used for the breaking of thinking patterns. In our everyday communication, we use a set of rules of values that we have learned and used instinctively since our childhood.

Let me give you an example. If someone asks you, “Do you know what time it is now”, you will respond by telling the person the exact time. This is what he expects as well.

However, given that this question requires a “yes” or “no” answer, you can readily say, “yes”, when you are being asked about the time, without giving the exact time. The other person does not expect you to just say “yes” or “no”. Now, you have got his attention, as his looking to find a logical explanation to your answer.

This is the perfect example of patter interrupt that conversational hypnosis practitioners often use. By answering simple “yes”, you have broken the thinking pattern of the person (his expectation to get the exact time).

You can do literally anything to break a pattern of thinking. You can make an unexpected gesture. You can also use physical contact, such as a pat on the back, which the person does not expect.

You can ask an unexpected, strange question or give an unexpected strange answer. You can even dress, in a way in which you are not expected to dress.

Now that you know what pattern interrupts are you can readily learn how to use them in conversational hypnosis. They are used for getting a person into a state of trance.

The state of trance is a state of greater conscious awareness. Simply put, you have got the person’s full attention on all levels of consciousness, so he has virtually allowed to you influence them. All you have to do is to use conversational hypnosis to do so.

When a thinking pattern is broken, it is immediately replaced by another one. Using the above example, the person is now wondering why you have not told him the time. Since he cannot find a logical answer in his mind, he is looking for you to tell him how to complete the pattern.

This gives you the perfect opportunity to make an embedded command. This embedded command has to include the thing you want the person to do. I will show you how this is done using the above example.

Once you have gotten the person into a sate of trance, answering “yes” to his question about the time, you can simply say to him, “Relax. Think about having enough time to complete what you are doing.”

In this case, “relax” is your embedded command. You justify it with a second one allowing the person to forget about the hurry he is experiencing.

This is a very simple example, but in conversational hypnosis you can use literally any pattern interrupt to get the person into trance and make an embedded command.

In order to get the best possible results from conversational hypnosis, I recommend using pattern interrupt that can be related to the embedded command. In this way, the embedded command will be more effective, as it will allow you to complete the newly emerged pattern fully.

Let’s say that you are a salesperson trying to counter an objection related to the high price of the product. He is thinking about the cost of the product reducing his budget significantly.

In this case, a suitable pattern interrupt will be, “How much you are prepared to invest in order to accomplish your goals?” This automatically makes the person think about getting returns form investment rather than spending money. You can use this to influence the prospect about the benefits of your product.

Now you know the basics of using pattern interrupts in conversational hypnosis. If you want to master the hypnotic art, the best way to do it is to expand your knowledge and practice continuously.

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