We did it ! 1000 Subscribers – From Youtube!


I remember.. I started writing & recording meditations again because a friend of mine looked blue.. on the inside – and @ the time it was all I could think of – to help. The horoscopes were just for fun. But then YouTube came along & said I should continue! In true design & just as promised the greatest rewards are bestowed upon those who help others. Thank you for helping me achieve one of my goals!

And that brings us to today.. 1000 subscribers & growing !!! 

Thank you

– S

This was so beautiful and powerful, thank you so much. – Natalie Bolzan

Very nice. Loved the little chuckles…it made it feel as though you were talking to me personally. Thanks. – Hellen Mayo

Truly a beautiful and heartfelt meditation.thank you for sharing your spirit and your soul – Sandra Whiting

Thank you Collin, you have the best voice on YouTube – darkfifi29

You are truly an incredible person. I had no faith in my ability to recover and move on, but I felt at peace today. Thank you for posting this video. I know I may still suffer from heartache in the future, but I will remember this video. Thank you. – JorgeL721

This is SO Great! I have been listened to this about 5 times in only 2 weeks almost every time I go to bed so I wake up feeling great aha ^w^ I Just Love it! it is Also great for my meditation. Keep them rolling in. You voice is so distinctive I Love it – joshuahainsferguson

This was quite beautiful thank you so much for making this. The lack of background music was actually a nice unexpected a d refreshing change for me. – Michelle Phoenix

Your voice is what makes this session work so very good for me. It put me out and when it was done I woke up. This means that my mind was listening and that it did take. So, I am going to be using this as my best money attraction hypnosis video from now on. The relaxation effect of your voice is really very very good. Don’t listen to the idiots that diss. No other session on You tube has done this for me. I know it is working. Thanks. – Morrie Cloward

Thank you amazing – Esther Wood

Wow it was the strangest & most relaxing feeling. I literally felt a cool breeze pass my face! The only thing that was a bit uncomfortable was that it cut off suddenly and I had to slowly come back on my own. – Angela Silver

Good stuff!! – fabio souza

Nice job, Colin. I’m reading a book right now called “How to Think and Grow Rich.” The author speaks of “auto-suggestion” and I really dig it. Your self-hypnosis meditation on how to find true love really speaks to the subconscious mind. Need to listen again. Thx – Wes Murphy

Wow it really worked! I haven’t smoked for 2 whole days and haven’t had a craving!. Whenever I thought about it I just took a deep breath and counted down from 5! It works!! Thank you! – Magen

Wow…i loved your voice ❤ – Claudia Hassid

Sexy awesome voice! – Brenda Torres

Love this glad I subbed to you 🙂 – Hollywoodrags

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Musician, Hypnotist, & Professional Cool Guy He is affectionately known as The Love Hypnotist for his work Mending Broken Hearts & helping people Find True Love. www.thesunnyside.net www.thesunnysidemusic.com https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwnRTQpNNhFE4MS359n4u_w
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